highly secure online password manager based on the AES encryption in the browser
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What is this about?
It's all about safety. Everybody today has a lot of private information. Emails, credit cards, phones, sites and so on. It all has to be organized, easily accessible from anywhere and secure. Now you can have it. Join now.
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Not only you can safely store your private data in the system but you can also fully customize it. There are only general templates for the start, everything further you can change or reorganize according to your taste or necessity.
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How it works
All the magic is in your browser. It's a BlackBox - everything is encrypted and decrypted right in the browser and to the server is just a mess data sending. So nobody can see your data except you having the password.
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Active development and community
A new version of the project has started. It will be based on modern technologies, will have mobile support, will be easy to install and use.
Feel free to join :) Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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It's free
No tariff plans, no payments. All user have all the system features at full scale. We hope it will be this way as long as ever possible. At the same time we would greatly appreciate any help or donations to maintain this project.
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Still not convinced?
If for some reasons you believe we won't be able to provide the desired level of security you can do it yourself. The project is open-source and available to everybody so you can download it and install to your own server.
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